Local, Independent, Clean Energy.

We aim to

democratise energy

systems through


An iniciative created to move forward the energy transition through the implementation of peer-to-peer and community self-consumption business models

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Get to know our projects.

The Transactive Energy Colombia Initiative is currently developing three projects. The first project carried out an energy trading pilot between peers (P2P). The second is exploring the potential of a solar community pilot implementation. The third focuses on designing and executing education strategies in the field of smart energies.


The first peer-to-peer energy trading pilot in Colombia.

Community Solar.

Empowering communities through solar energy in Colombia.


A project focused on the dissemination of knowledge and exploring the relationship of users with energy.

Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Pilot.

It draws a clear picture to fully understand the implications of adopting these energy models.

The objectives are to inform decision-making and promote the energy transition.

Community Solar Pilot.

It aims to promote and ensure the sustainability of solar projects in Colombia.

Through collaborative research, it seeks to facilitate the structuring of community solar projects.

It also validates technical and business models that enable the simulation of solar energy solutions for different sectors.

Smart Energy Education.

We seek to build knowledge about
energy and new user-centered models.

This way, we generate a solid information base for the academic world, businesses and the public.

We help creating abilities in local communities, businesses and authorities.

“The Transactive Energy Colombia Initiative will allow the Ministry to understand the key challenges and opportunities that arise from integrating user centred energy systems as a key enabler of the energy transition”

Julián Rojas, Head of Business and Regulatory Affairs, Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia – Opening presentation, 4th Meeting of the Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

Focus Areas

Shedding light on the technical characteristics of energy and its implications for society, business and regulation.


We seek to promote energy independence and security through innovative consumption and generation models.


We strengthen people’s decision-making power about the energy they consume and generate in their daily life.

Renewable energy

We develop energy-related alternatives in favor of the environment, with projects that encourage communities to make better use of energy.

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